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Michael is 2 in 1 hour

I figure I should write something down to document his character.
As a 2 year old Michael is beginning to like dinosaurs. He really loves dogs, has for a long time. He's beginning to like toy cars a lot more. He says Blue Big Truck, rather than Big Blue Truck. He'll learn.
He likes to grab onto bars, lift his legs and swing. His head will always turn for a pretty girl. He'll always smile for a pretty girl. He is always shy.. at first. And eventually.. really loud.
He's polite. He says 'Bless you Dadda' when I sneeze. He sometimes says 'No thanks Dadda' if he doesn't want something.
His defiant word is more often 'Don't' rather than 'no' like other kids seem to use. He's begun saying 'My' or 'Mine' almost as an order when he wants to do something (such as to teaspoon the sugar into my coffee). He used to ask 'Michael do it?'... so in that respect he's become bossier and dumber.
He's recently become really good at imaginative play.. like another level. He'll pretend to pour me a cup of coffee with a teapot, then he'll add sugar, then stir, then give it to me. Unfortunately he also sometimes pretend his food is racing cars, or boats..
He loves Mama Mirebelle's Home Movies on ABC 4 Kids. That's the show he asks for now. It used to be little Charley Bear. If I'm drawing shapes he'll always ask me to draw a heart, and a quadrant. I'm proud he likes the obscure shapes... and that he knows what a quadrant is.

Most of the time he makes you earn kisses.. but every now and again he's very liberal. Today I got two kisses on the mouth.. in line at the supermarket.. for no reason at all.
When riding his little tricycle, he's begun lifting his legs when going down hills. He hasn't fallen yet.. he will. He'll learn.
When we go to our new house... he needs to open all the windows. I don't know why.
Sometimes he uses a really deep voice. I think it's usually when talking about big things. Like if he wants me to eat the bigger piece of pineapple on his plate - he'll say in a deep voice- 'Dadda's big one'. Don't take that out of context.
Oh and he really loves canned pineapple. He's eating like a can a day at the moment.



December 2014

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