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Not Quite as Interesting as Facebook

Based on a True Story

31 October 1980
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I now have a Certificate III in photography. I have a degree in Journalism. I've been to Atlanta, I've been to California, I've been to Noumea, Vanuatu and I live in Australia. I'm was doing a Spanish course and learning guitar.
Now I'm studying a Master of Commerce in Business at Macquarie University. I'm in the middle of getting my photography business up and running.
If I ever did A choreographed dance routine with two women I imagine it would be something like the scene out of Blast From the Past where Brendan Fraser dances to Mr Zoot Suit or perhaps something like the two women/one man dance to 'Time after Time' by Cindy Lauper in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.
I work at the National Archives of Australia. I work in the restoration and preservation of old films -ation.